Spring Unfurls

Birdcalls break morning silence.

Purple, yellow, green, replace brown,

as earthy scents defrost.

Ferns uncoil and warmer breezes caress.

Trees sway in jubilation.

                   —Deb Johnston

Published by dh-johnston.com

I am a former educator, writing in central Wisconsin. When not writing or encouraging students to write, I enjoy lighthouses on the Great Lakes, family campouts, and walking our dog. I am a member of SCBWI. I have a masters degree in education and have been published in The Mailbox MagazineThe Education Center®, The Mailbox®,The Idea Magazine for Teachers®.

One thought on “Spring Unfurls

  1. I love this poem. Perhaps the long yearning we have for spring makes it all the sweeter when we finally get a few glimmers of hope.


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