Late July, given heavy rain and sun,

I’ll follow the path to view Gull’s Rock.

With sun directly overhead I venture on,

thimbleberries tempt me off the trail.

The flavor of summer—

tart, yet sweet they are fireworks,

popsicles, picnics, parades

and remind me that

this season ends too quickly.

I savor each tiny fullness.

Glimmer of Embers

Campfire Theology

Charred remains of last night’s campfire

spoke to us like Turkish coffee grounds.

Under the constellations

of an archer, a maiden, and a swan,

we imagined goals

we’d live to see, become.

Blue and yellow flames lapped

like waves against the tinder and

warmed the embrace of the cool night.

We waited for the embers’ last glimmer.

Our dreams floated up to the stars.

                                   Deb Johnston

Poets to Come

  Oh, Gentle Traveler

As you make your way, 

know my love is with you. 

Be strong across broad water. 

Journey the length of the great river. 

Find me in the glow of each sunrise. 

Feel my strength in the tall pine and

my tender kiss in buttercup and hyacinth.

May clear crisp winds surround you, 

shelter you always.

Deb Johnston

About Me:

Writer, word gatherer
wanderer of Wisconsin
sometimes witty, wise, wacky 
willful worrier of Wetlands. 
Wondering which work to write next.

I grew up in Iowa along the Mississippi River.
where I was once tetherball
champion at Camp WaMaKa.

Summer mornings were for swim lessons, 
a quick lunch
and back to the pool with friends.

Then along came Nancy Drew, 
Bess, and Laura Ingalls—
books have always had 
an important role in my life. 

One of the best parts of being a teacher
is talking about all the wonderful books
available to kids and encouraging
future authors.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.