On Emily Dickinson’s Birthday

In Memorial – Barb Cranford, Poet

Snowstorm, December 10

on the highway

sirens groan

deep in the woods

the house is still

sirens moans

woodstove hums

my house is still

on Emily’s birthday

woodstove purrs

and snowplow drones

on Dickinson’s birthday

while I share this poem

snowplows fade

on the highway

as I write my poems

deep in the woods

           —Barb Cranford

Published by dh-johnston.com

I am a former educator, writing in central Wisconsin. When not writing or encouraging students to write, I enjoy lighthouses on the Great Lakes, family campouts, and walking our dog. I am a member of SCBWI. I have a masters degree in education and have been published in The Mailbox MagazineThe Education Center®, The Mailbox®,The Idea Magazine for Teachers®.

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